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Basics of Training

Our Five Tier training system follows the Long Term Athlete Development model to develop an Elite athlete over time. We have a knowledge basis that gives the athletes the proper training at their stage in life. The LTAD model combined with V Tier Strength & Conditioning will develop your athlete to their maximum potential. Example: Hockey players should be trained to be highly explosive, reactive, and agile and the five tier training system can allow them to do so by developing their fast twitch muscle fibers.

The Training Experience

Athletes training with V Tier Strength & Conditioning have a huge advantage over the competition. Training is done with advanced equipment, specialized exercises, knowledgeable and certified coaches, and the GAME SPEED INTENSITY that is expected every minute of training. The athletes are coached and taught to understand the importance of core strength, plyometric explosiveness and elasticity, foot speed and reactivity, and flexibility that enhances coordination.


Development through full dynamic, explosive, and plyometric resistance exercises


Development through lateral speed training, foot coordination , and exercises that focus on change in speed , and reactivity.


Developed through full range dynamic exercises and proper “cool down” stretching regimes.


Development through resistance sprinting and anaerobic exercises that use maximum output


Core training is a strong factor in the athleticism of a player. All lateral movements and explosive movements are enhanced by a strong and reactive core contraction.

Training Benefits

Athletes training under V Tier Strength & Conditioning are taught the proper methods and educated to become a long term and effective athlete. All players are educated in the proper training methods for an “athlete” and not for general fitness of a sedentary individual. Traditional exercises offer little to no “sport performance” where as all athletes training with V Tier Strength & Conditioning are only trained with meaningful exercises that enhance their sport performance. All teams are trained in the proper progressions so that there is reduced risk of injury .

Using specialized training equipment from the Nike Sparq , and Twist Conditioning performance training lines , we are able to train athletes to fully achieve their athletic potential. Using equipment that is directly designed for the training of high performance athletes. Athletes can expect to be seeing less injuries , and will see a direct improvement in all aspects of their game.

Our Team

Jean-Gilles Larocque is a High School teacher at Bishop Carter Secondary School. Larocque as an Honor Specialist in Health and Physical Education, member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, First Aid and CPR/AED Certified, Silver Certification in Twist Sports Conditioning & Member of Sport Link, Regional and Provincial Baseball Coaching Certified NCCP, owner of V Tier Strength and Conditioning, plus owns The Baseball Academy. With all this he still finds time as a baseball writer for The Sudbury Star and is proud husband to Nicole and very proud father of twin boys Caleb and Gabriel.

Rick “Killer” Kilganon has been training amateur and professional athletes for over 25 years. Over the years Killers client list reads as a Who’s Who of athletes in Northern Ontario with names such as Andrew Brunette (NHL), Derek Mckenzie (NHL), Jonathan Cheechoo (NHL), Dan Grandmaison (MMA) and Jordan Kiganon (Pro Dunker). Throughout his athletic career as well as his career as a trainer, Killer has devoted himself to building the complete athlete.  With his unique style of training the whole person, Killer has been getting athletes to the next level.

Rick Kilganon

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